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Golf Travel Insurance: To Buy or Not
to Buy?

“We need to cancel our trip.”

You've lost your vacation, don't lose your money too!

For inexpensive trips, the cost of travel insurance may not be worth it. For those very special vacations, like that golf trip in Tuscon that you and the guys have been planning for months, or the weekend golf & spa getaway you've secretly arranged for your significant other, travel insurance is a worthwhile investment in your peace of mind. If you get sick, or miss your trip, or the travel provider (airline, cruise line, bus transfer company) goes out of business, you're covered.

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Golf Travel Insurance

Travel Guard provides golf equipment loss, golf equipment delay, golf fee refund. In addition, every Golf Travel Insurance Plan customer will also receive AIG Travel Guard's Golf Concierge Services, which includes golf course recommendations and a PGA-Professional referral service, plus if you get a hole-in-one, Travel Guard will reimburse for the celebratory round of drinks (up to $250) at the clubhouse!

Baggage Insurance

Many trip cancellation and interruption policies also provide coverage for lost, damaged, delayed or stolen bags. However, if you're just heading out on a quick trip and decline to purchase the more comprehensive trip cancellation and interruption policy, you'll be disappointed by the protections offered by the airlines' published limits of liability when it comes to lost, stolen, delayed or damaged bags. For improved coverage, ask your airline agent about purchasing “excess valuation” which will provide you with to $5,000 additional coverage.

Health Care Insurance

Many people think they're covered if they have existing health care insurance. Within your own country, that’s true but venture outside territorial borders you're much less likely to have any coverage at all. If you do have some coverage, it will be basic and will not include costs to return you home. For this, you'll need "Medical Evacuation and Repatriation" insurance. This is an important insurance program usually with annual premiums. Travel Guard's policy included transportation to the doctor and facility of your choice, not theirs.